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eSynergy was created to provide underprivileged youth with the opportunity to gain knowledge and tools necessary to advance their level of academic achievement with the goal of earning a college degree.


We do this through:

Mentorship & Tutoring

Staff provides alternative approaches to academic instruction and ongoing positive mentorship to aid students in succeeding in school and beyond.


Partnerships with schools, caregivers, and community organizations across the globe to allow us to harmonize our actions for the success of students around the globe.

Fostering Peer Relationships  

Youth are provided with opportunities to connect with students from various countries who, like themselves experience adversity in their efforts to succeed. African students, for example, will learn the adversity of low- income students here in the US such as, having to walk to school, sometimes in harsh weather conditions, spending long days in school, and returning home to complete several hours of homework assignments. At the same time, US students will learn the struggles of underprivileged students in African countries.  They will learn how many students have to walk for miles, sometimes through dense jungle terrain, just to get to school, followed by a night of studying by candlelight and gathering of water from a river miles away. All of which is done by foot without the convenience of a bicycle or skateboard.

Celebrating Success

Examples of success and triumph from across the globe are shared to provide youth with evidence that it is possible to overcome challenges with the necessary supports. Students are encouraged to utilize their strengths, support one another in areas of growth, and celebrate each accomplishment along the way.

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