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Ardel Needs Your Support

Ardel Mtsanga is eight years old. She is currently enrolled in the second grade and loves going to school. Ardel’s mother is autochtone (native) or more commonly known as pygmy; her father, however, is non-autochtone; he is not native to the region.

Pygmies in Republic of Congo are treated very poorly. They are discriminated against because of their differences in life style and appearance. When Ardel’s mother was pregnant with her, her father refused to acknowledge he was the father. He threatened Ardel’s mother with violence if she ever told anybody he fathered the child. Fearing violence, she never told a soul. Ardel and her mother now live in a pygmy village buried deep in the Congo jungle.

Due to Espace Opoko’s generous support, Ardel’s life has completely changed; she went from a life filled with hopelessness and despair to a life filled with hope and happiness. Unfortunately, there are many more pygmy children facing situations similar to Ardel’s. This is the challenge Espace Opoko faces every day and this is why they need support; eSynegy is now part of the solution. If we all work together, we can change precious children’s lives forever. If you are willing to help children just like Ardel, please go to Espace Opoko.


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