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The Children Say "Merci" for giving them a Chance

Since the beginning of this current, 2017-18, school year, and Espace Opoko, in a joint effort, have raised $1,205 toward helping disadvantaged children living in the villages of Bambama and Sibiti, Republic of Congo, Africa, with their educational needs.

Our goal was to raise $3,000 to help 70 students with school supplies and the cost of monthly school fees. We are almost halfway to hitting our target and are very grateful to all those who have contributed, especially to those who continually make small donations to support our cause.

Meanwhile, since November 2017, we have been gathering photos of the kids benefiting from the fundraising dollars expressing their gratitude for the kindness and generosity of their heroes. With the consent of students’ parents, we have begun sharing some of these pictures with donors.

On behalf of the children of Bambama and Sabiti, we want to say, “thank you or Merci” for all your support. Without your support, these children living in extreme poverty would not have the educational opportunities they do now. Because of you, they now have a future.

However, we still have a long way to go, these same children suffer from malnutrition, they don’t have access to books, they go without shoes, they don’t have electricity or drinkable water, and they don’t have access to a library or the internet.

Thusly, our mission has just begun. Remember, even a monthly donation of just $5 goes a long way to bettering the lives of these children.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

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