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Computers For Orphans

Why not a donation of computers and a printer from the United States to an orphanage located in Central Africa? This is the amazing story of the fulfillment of an unusual promise to donate computers and a printer from the United States to an orphanage located in Franceville, Gabon. The promise was made by the founder of eSynergy in January of 2017.

It was in January of 2017 when the head of the orphanage, Hosanna, Pastor Christian Bazhedi, reached out to Roland Nzaou, founder and coordinator of the newly-formed, non-profit organization, eSynergy, to discuss donations of used clothing for the children living at the orphanage. However, Mr. Nzaou, being educationally minded and strongly believing in the power or education suggested a different type of aide. Esynergy was created by Mr. Nzaou with its primary focus one of helping underprivileged children in Africa with their education. The discussion between the two men quickly turned from one of used clothing to one of education.

Shorty after agreeing on educational aide, Mr. Nzaou reached out to a non-profit organization based in Virginia called FOSS Server Project . FOSS Server Project promotes free and open source software for the use of children from less fortunate backgrounds to aide in their education. After months of project evaluation, FOSS Server Project agreed to make a donation consisting of seven computers and a printer.

The shipment left the United States by cargo ship on the 15th of August, 2017 and arrived in Gabon three months later. In January, 2018, the children at Hosanna started using computers for the first time in their lives. The kids were overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't be more thankful to all the people behind eSynergy and FOSS Server Project the made this possible.

eSynergy organization and FOSS Server Project wish the children at Hosanna the best of luck in their new, exciting, and hopeful journey in life. We look forward to helping many more students in the future.

A big “thank you” goes out to all those who supported this project. Our hope is that more people will join us in our relentless mission to help children all over the world.

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