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Free Open Source Computers for Orphans in Africa

The eSynergy organization’s key representative, Roland Nzaou, had the opportunity to visit the orphanage Hosanna La Gloire, in Franceville Gabon. The orphanage was created by Pastor Christian Bazhedi, who saw that orphans in the south of Gabon did not have a safe place they could call "home."; the orphanage has the capacity to host about 30 orphans. At the time Roland visited the orphanage in December 2016, there were about 15 orphans, however, without any support from government, the orphanage is facing financial, social, and educational challenges.

Before Pastor Christian built the orphanage, orphans used to walk the streets not knowing where to go. Kids of all ages were traumatized by the poverty and the rudeness of living on the streets. They were beaten, raped, and humiliated. They did not have a future, but now there is hope.

Mr. Nzaou contacted FOSS Server Project, a non-profit organization based in the US to help La Gloire with a donation of computers. The intended use of these computers is to create a computer classroom to spark the children's interest in getting an education. All donated computers will arrive with educational programs pre-installed such as, Educational Ubuntu, a set of free open source software, and some educational games for children. FOSS Server Project has agreed to provide eight used computers and a printer to complete the project.

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