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Students Doing the Impossible

Druche Koumba

– Bambama, December 2016

Druche Koumba, a student from the Republic of Congo lives in Simonbondo, a village without a middle school, electricity, or tap water. Druche and his friends walk approximately seven hours every Sunday through a dense rain-forest, to get to school. On Friday evening, after five days of schooling, they return to their village in order to gather food for the upcoming week.

Druche owns an old cellphone that he can only charge by connecting to a small solar panel. Cellphones are the most advanced technology in surrounding villages. They provide access to some tools, such as a calculator, a flashlight, a watch, games, and a camera. Druche shares his cellphone with his friends; they are very grateful to have the use of the solar panel cellphone charger.

The eSynergy organization is working on a prototype of a CD cover solar panel which will benefit students like Druche. We will also share the skill of creating a solar panel from basic, raw materials with Druche and his peers.

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